Buying A Metal Shed In Dublin?

Here are a few tips on what options are available.

So if you have an old timber shed that looks tired or you are moving into a house with no shed then you may be thinking if a new metal shed, so what metal?

Really you have two options, steel and aluminium, so what’s the difference?

  • Put simply, it is weight and price and both are important. So as we all know aluminium is a light metal, think coke can, so that means your shed will be built out of a light metal. This may not be a good idea, particularly given the storms we have had over the last few years with high winds.
  • Most aluminium sheds on the market are DIY type and sold through the multiple home improvement stores, generally these sheds are typically very reasonably priced but you have to build it yourself, easy if you know how, not easy if you are not a DIY fanatic. So you need to be careful and make sure that firstly you are competent to build it and secondly that it won’t be damaged in a storm and have to be replaced.
  • The second option is to consider the more expensive option of having a sturdy steel shed built for you by the experts. This shed will be very heavy so no fear of it moving in wind and it will resist damage from bicycles etc hitting off the sides also it will be built using proper double glazed windows and hinged steel doors with security locking.
  • Our advice is if you are thinking of staying in your current home long term then buy one shed that will last you a lifetime. If you are only staying in the property short-term for a few years then maybe consider the cheaper option and leave it there when you move,

To view the full range of quality steel metal sheds available why not call to our showroom open 7 days a week at Johnstown Garden Centre, Naas or visit the online shop.