Concrete Base For My Shed?

Concrete Base For My Shed?

There are some instances where you might need a concrete base for your steel shed but our range of steel sheds come as standard with an innovative steel base frame and a timber floor AND the good news is it is included as standard in our range except for the very large sheds.

So when should you consider a concrete base instead? Concrete bases are useful if you are considering placing very heavy objects in your shed such as Gym equipment or heavy machinery or in the case of our steel garage range if you are driving a car into the shed. 90% of the sheds we sell are for the normal suburban garden and is used for storing garden furniture, bikes, the barbecue and our timber floors are more than strong enough for this purpose.

Buying a shed with a prefabricated floor saves you time, money and mess. Your shed including the floor will be installed in just a few hours, you do not need to hire a separate builder, which in many cases will cost as much as the shed itself and you don’t need to worry about the mess of getting concrete delivered, soil removed etc, so all in all this is the best system available in almost all cases.

If however you still feel you would like a concrete base for your steel shed then or course please do get in touch and we will arrange a builder to contact you and price the work for you.

You can contact our customer care team 7 days a week at 01 5242441