Do I Need a Concrete Base for A Steel Shed?

If you are thinking of buying a new steel garden shed and are confused by the type of floor required or if a concrete base is required then have a read here, we explain the simple process of the floor and base required for a new Steel  Shed.

At The Shed Company we offer all of our steel garden shed range up to 20ft by 10ft with a steel base and timber floor as standard and this is included in the price. Sheds above the size will require a concrete base. So why is this?

All our steel sheds are built very rigidly by welding our box steel sections, this system is also used for the floor so the the timber floor is is sitting on 40mm steel box sections welded together. The timber sheeting is then fixed to the steel sections making the steel shed even more rigid. The steel base is positioned on concrete blocks to keep the steel base and timber floor above the lawn and therefore dry and well aired.

The larger sheds require a concrete base as the overall weight of these sheds including what is stored in them and potential snow-load on the roof makes them too heaving to be supported on blocks without a concrete base as the weight might cause the blocks to sink in the garden.

The Shed Company are happy to recommend out team of concrete base installers who can call and price this work for you. Just get in touch by email or phone and we will arrange this for you.

5 keys things to think about when buying a Steel Shed

If you are thinking about buying a steel shed this year then there are a few important things to consider to make sure you get the best value and the most suitable steel shed for your needs

Have a think about the following when going to have a look at the shed showrooms

  1. Does the shed come supplied and installed with its own base? Many sheds on the market are sold without a floor meaning you have to employ a builder to construct the concrete base for the shed. The base in many cases can cost more than the shed costs, but you might not find this out until after you have paid for your shed. Then there is the added hassle of trying to find a reliable builder who wants to take on a small job, and have this completed without a mess. The Shed Company at Johnstown Garden Centre Naas supply all their steel sheds with a steel base and timber floor. This steel base is welded for strength, and sits up on concrete blocks to keep it ventilated, and to keep things simple they provide the blocks and all is installed in one day and all is included in the fixed price quoted, so no funny surprises lurking.
  2. Will I need light in the shed? Some steel sheds are just used for storage but others are sued for hobbies etc and a source of natural light is important. The cheapest solution is to add clear sheets to the roof to allow natural light in however these will be a source of condensation during the winter. The Shed Companies range of steel sheds have a condensation barrier membrane on the inside of the roof, but obviously this can’t be used where there is translucent sheeting as it would block the light coming through so we install a double glazed PVC window with an opening as standard in all the steel sheds, double glazed to prevent condensation and an opening to provide ventilation if carrying out work in the shed.
  3. What type of door do I need in my steel shed? There are 3 types of doors available for the sheds, so which is best? You can choose a sliding door, a hinged door or a roller door. Sliding doors can be tricky in that they are prone to getting bits of grit and stone on the running track which it slides on and this over time will affect the smooth operation of the door. Roller doors are perfect if you have a large lawn mower or motorbike as they allow more access space into the steel shed however for everyday use they are a bit more cumbersome to operate but still a great job where needed. For most people the hinged door is the best option, it is easy to operate and maintenance free, choose a door with good quality hinges as these are moving parts so be sure to get ones that won’t rust.
  4. Good Security is essential if you are storing tools expensive bikes, appliances etc, normal padlocks are easy to break, the best option is to have the lock housed inside the door frame where it is not accessible and then use a high quality key lock, we believe The Shed Company offers the best quality lock on the market so why not call to a display centre and let our staff show you all the important security features of the shed.
  5. Where will I position the steel shed in the garden and where will I need the door. The Shed Companies range of steel garden sheds are designed to be flexible in arrangement. We can position the door to the front or the side of the shed and can have the window on the front beside the door or on the side. We will be happy to assist you to choose the right shed when you call to see us but have a look at the garden before you call down so you will have a good idea on the best location.

We hope these hints will be of some use to help you choose the best shed for your garden, if you need any further help feel free to get in touch on 01 5241441