Concrete Bases For Steel Sheds

Is a concrete base required for a steel shed? Most of our steel sheds are delivered and installed using our prefabricated steel base system, this speeds up the installation and reduces the cost significantly for our customers. So which should you use? 

Our steel base system is a welded steel box-section platform which is basically a series of steel sections spaced at 600mm along the floor of the shed. This provides a firm base for the shed. The base is positioned on concrete blocks which keeps it raised off the ground and prevents any damp penetrating into the shed. Once the shed has been installed a timber OSB floor is fixed to the steel base. This is a clean and solid finish to the shed. As the timber is fitted to the top of the steel joists and these are in turn sitting raised on cement blocks there is no fear of damp or rot. All our steel sheds come as standard with a steel and timber floor included in the price so no hidden extras. 

In certain circumstances a concrete base would be recommended and this is usually for very large sheds which would have heavy equipment or vehicles inside. Sheds used for workshops which may include machinery, motorbikes or very heavy gym equipment may be more suited to having a solid concrete base as a timber floor may vibrate or move if it has heavy traffic. But for the majority of our clients the new steel garden shed is for storing lawnmowers, garden furniture, bicycles etc and the prefabricated base is more than adequate for this purpose.

What is the best way to build the concrete base? If you opt for a concrete base then we recommend pouring the base after the shed has been installed. While many people might regard this as doing things in reverse there are very good reasons for this method. The biggest issue for concrete bases is ensuring that the base is the correct size to keep damp out. Also it is important that the shed is fixed correctly to the base. We install the steel shed with a series of steel cross members across the base of the shed and we keep the shed suspended above the ground on a concrete block. The damp-poof course can then be lapped up the inside of the walls and when the concrete is poured is encases the cross members of the shed which keeps the shed pinned to the concrete base ensuring no movement.As the concrete is poured to the inside of the shed only there is no fear of damp penetration and the size always fits!

The sales team at The Shed Company are available 7 days a week to help you with any queries you may have about your new steel garden shed so feel free to give us a call on 01 5242441