How Big A Garden Shed Do I Need?

If you are thinking of buying a new steel or timber shed and wondering what size to buy then consider the following few tips

  1. You will fill any size shed you buy, we all keep too much junk, so the bigger the shed the more junk that will accumulate. No ever complains that their garden shed is too big, but lets be realistic you just need a shed big enough to store the essentials

  2. If there are big items such as garden furniture then consider a shed which is 8ft wide, the 6ft wide sheds will be big enough to store the furniture but you will not be able to walk by it easily.

  3. Bikes take up a lot of space, they wouldn’t if stored neatly but they never are, for a bike shed you will need it 8ft long so you can have the long-term storage at the back of the shed and then the bikes in front of near the door

  4. Consider fitting shelves for your garden shed but better still buy free standing shelves, these are easy to move around, so if you have to store something for the short term and it is big then the shelves can be moved around to suit. If you have permanent shelving then these may be in the way

So what are most people buying?

Our best selling shed is a 10ft by 8ft Steel shed, it represents great value when you conside the cost per sqft. The best selling timber shed is our 8ft by 6ft Economy, great for the small garden.

The good news is we have both of these size sheds on display at our showrooms at Johnstown Garden Centre, Naas and this is within easy access of anywhere in Dublin, exit 8 on the M7.

If you need any more information please call our customer care team on 01 5242441 or visit our online store.