Garden Sheds

Our garden sheds are available in a range of sizes in three designs: The Standard, The Cottage which has the doors and the windows to the side and the more ornate Cabin range which has windows each side of the door on the front. You can choose between three different timber finishes, rustic, economy and pressure treated.

Shed Finishes

The Rustic Finish


The rustic finish is the basic finish, the walls of the garden shed are built with overlapping timbers which are rough (have not been planed). The floor and roof are butt jointed timbers. The roof is finished outside with anti-tear mineral felt and a window is fitted with toughened glass. The door is fitted as standard with the hinges on the right hand side when viewed from outside.

Economy Finish


The exterior of the Economy garden shed is finished with a planed smooth 125mm by 19mm nominal) weather board, this gives a nicer and cleaner finish to the shed, the smooth finish offers better protection from the weather and is easier to paint. The floor and roof are butt jointed timbers. The roof is finished with anti-tear mineral felt and one window on the side is standard glazed with Toughened glass.

Pressure Treated Finish

Pressure- Treated-Finish-Shed-Timber-Finish

The pressure treated range of sheds are manufactured from pressure treated spruce sourced from Scandinavia. The timbers are shipp lapped 150mm by 22mm nominal pressure treated to offer better weathering while the floor and roof have tongued and grooved 150mm by 22mm pressure treated timbers to offer greater strength. Slow growing timber it is very suitable for the Irish climate.

Further Information

Our timber garden sheds are delivered and installed free of charge throughout most of Leinster (Please check your location with us first) and are positioned on brick, 4” concrete blocks or paving slabs. It is the customers responsibility to have the required number of blocks or slabs on site, we will advise you on ordering how many blocks/slabs are required.

Your shed will arrive with a timber preserve already applied but we advise putting an additional coat of preserve before the winter months to give added protection. You will then need to treat your shed yearly in exposed positions or when needed if your shed is positioned in a sheltered location.

The roofs of the timber sheds are covered with a synthetic felt which does not crack and offers full protection against the weather.

Installing Your Shed In A New Garden

If you garden is very soft or if you are in a new house there may be some settlement in the garden.

If this happens a timber packer may need to be inserted under one or more corners of the shed.

When this happens it may also cause to door to sometimes go out of alignment, this is easily fixed by simply propping the shed back level.


FREE Delivery & Installation Throughout Leinster

You new garden shed will arrive in sections so it is easily carried through side passageways etc but where there is restricted height due to an arch or a low garage door please advise us in advance so we can check if our sections can fit through. Sheds which have to be made in additional sections due to access restrictions will incur an additional charge please advise of this before ordering so we can price this for you

Timber Garden Shed Options

  • Shelves – €35
  • Extra Window – €30