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Cabin Garden Shed Range

  • The Cabin features a front central door and a window on each side.
  • The roof overhangs to the front by 1 ft (300mm) and there is a decorative scalloped fascia over the windows and on the roof.
  • The Cabin is a very decorative garden shed which could be used as a feature in a garden.
Garden Sheds Cabin Range - Pressure Treated Finish - The Shed Company

Garden Shed Cabin Range with Pressure Treated Finish

The Rustic Finish

The rustic finish is the basic finish, the walls of the garden shed are build with overlapping timbers which are rough (have not been planed). The floor and roof are butt jointed timbers. The roof is finished outside with green mineral felt and a window is fitted with perspex. The door is fitted as standard with the hinges on the right hand side when viewed from outside.

Garden Shed - Rustic Board Finish

Economy Finish

The exterior of the Economy garden shed is finished with 6” by 1” (125mm by 16mm) weather board, this gives a nicer and cleaner finish to the shed, the smooth finished offers better protection from the weather and is easier to paint. The floor and roof are butt jointed timbers. The roof is finished with mineral felt and one window on the side is standard glazed with perspex.

Garden Sheds - Economy Ship Lapped Timber in Walls

Pressure Treated Finish

The pressure treated range of sheds are manufactured from pressure treated spruce sourced from Scandinavia. The timbers have been shaped into a log effect and are shiplapped to give better weathering while the floor and roof have tongued and grooved timbers to offer greater strength. The barrell board finish is 5” by 1” and because it is a slow growing timber it is very suitable for the Irish climate. The pressure treated barrell board finish is available throughout the complete garden shed range.

Garden Sheds - Pressure Treated Barrel Board Finish

Cabin Garden Shed Pricing

Size Depth/Width (ft)RusticEconomyPressure Treated
6 x 8€480€569€799
8 x 8€640€695€1035
10 x 8€790€849€1145
12 x 8€975€1040€1450
14 x 8€1095€1165€1650
Cabin Garden Shed Extras:
  • Shelves – €35
  • Stable Doors – €40
  • Extra Window – €30

Prices Include: VAT, delivery and assembly

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