How Much Maintenance Does An Irish Timber Garden Shed Require?

There is a certain level of maintenance required with a timber shed to protect it from our (sometimes) harsh Irish weather and keep it in good condition for as long as possible.

The first thing we suggest you do, once the new shed is assembled, is to treat the shed with a good oil-based wood preservative. Your shed will arrive already treated but it is a good idea to treat again as the timber will be fresh.

These are readily available from any reputable hardware store. These days they even come in a variety of colours! A good oil-based preservative will help protect the garden shed against wind and rain, as well has strong sunlight and insects.

We have three different timber ranges and the type of shed will determine the amount of maintenance the shed requires. The Rustic and Economy shed will require treating with the oil-based preservative on an annual basis, while the Pressure Treated shed will only require treating once every 4 years.

If there is a fence or wall on one or two sides of your new shed and you are concerned with how to treat those areas, don’t worry! The wall or fence will act as protection from the weather, so you will only need to treat the exposed areas – basically, any area you can reach!

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