Natural Light For Your Steel Shed

Natural Light For Your Steel Shed

Your new steel shed will probably serve a range of purposes, storing the bikes, putting the garden furniture and barbeque away for the winter, storing the lawnmower

Over time you may want to also use a workshop, a gym, maybe a music room for teenagers so it is imprtant to consider natural light when choosing a new shed. While the obvious answer is to a skylight in the roof it is not an option the shed company would recommend. All our steel sheds have, as standard, an anticondensation barrier on the inside of the roof sheets, this prevents any dripping from the roof on a icy morning. If you replace one of these sheets with a translucent sheet for light then it is likely this sheet will have condensation which may drip onto your furniture etc. The more expensive but best option is to consider a good quality window in the side of the shed.

The Shed Company offers a PVC double glazed window with good quality lock as standard in all our steel sheds and comes included in the price. Not only does this looks better but ensures your roof is drip free and also gives the option of ventilating the shed if you have pets as these windows all have an opener. For further information and to view our sheds and window options please feel free to visit our display centre at Johnstown Garden Centre, Naas, open 7 days a week.

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